Solving the Skewb is easy, once you gain an understanding around the turning of a Skewb. There are less pieces to put in pace than a regular 3x3 cube.

The algorithm for each of the 4 steps are very similar. BUT, make sure you hold the cube in the correct orientation.

Step 1: Arrange the white corners around the white center

  1. Hold your cube white the White center on top.
  2. Arrange 4 white corners around the white center, with the side colours of the corners matching. 
This process is generally intuitive and you can use the steps below as a guide. 
    Complete White Layer


    Result: Make sure the side colours of the corners match
    Skewb 1st layer

    Step 2: Orientate the Yellow Corners

    1. Turn the cube so that the White face is now at the bottom
    2. You will have one of two cases.
    3. Find the case that matches your situation and follow the steps to orientate the yellow corners. 
    Skewb Solution Step2
    Result: All Yellow corners face up.
    Skewb Solution Step 2 RESULT

    Step 3: Move the yellow center in place

    1. Hold the cube so that:
      1.  White is at the bottom 
      2. The orientated Yellow corners are at the top
      3. Yellow center is at the back.
    2. Perform the steps below to move the Yellow center in place
    Skewb Solution Step3
    Skewb Solution Step 3 Result


    Step 4: Complete the last 3 centers

    1. If you have 4 unsolved centers, hold the cube so that White and Yellow is on the left and right.
    2. Perform the steps below to cycle three centers.
    3. After this algorithm you will have 3 solved centers.
    Skewb Solution Step 4 a


    1. Hold the cube so that:
    2. White and Yellow is on the left and right
    3. AND a solved center is on the bottom
    4. AND the top and front centers are colours are “Opposite colors”, meaning either blue and green or red and orange.
    5. Perform the steps below to cycle three centers.
    6. Skewb Solution step4b

     Congratulations!! You have done it !!


    Nick Gardino

    Nick Gardino

    Such in amazing guide😃



    awesome guide! finally solved my skewb. only took 5 minutes!



    What is a gide

    Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones

    Best gide ever

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