Is your cube UNSOLVABLE? How to fix a twisted corner on a 3x3

If you find yourself in the scenario where you are attempting to finalize the last layer of your cube and diligently adhering to the algorithms, only to discover a mixed up state. A twisted corner may be the cause, rendering your cube UNSOLVABLE :-(

How do you know which corner to twist to fix it?

Follow these steps to work it out.:

  1. Solve the first two layers of your cube 
  2. Solve the last layer cross.
  3. Look at the corners and you should have one of the following patterns (look at the yellow (last layer colour) only
    Unsolvable Pattern Check
  4. Find the pattern that matches the closest to your cube and twist the corners that don't match to be that same at the picture shows.

Watch the video instructions below for an example: 


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i do not want to show my id info so jest call me Jose

i do not want to show my id info so jest call me Jose

I’m not allowed to watch videos can you please edit the website so I can solve my 3×3 cube

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