Evolution of the GAN Cube [GansPuzzle]

The most innovative speed cubing manufacturer in the world "GAN Cube" releases a yearly Flagship premium speed cube and also variations of that model.  Checkout this short which describes the evolution of the GAN Cube.



 Year Model
2015 GansPuzzle 356/356
2016 GAN U and UM
2017 GAN 356 Air SM
2018 GAN 356 X
2019 GAN 356 XS
2020 GAN 11 M Pro
2021 GAN 12 M
2022 GAN 13 M


GAN Cube is an exclusive speed cube design and manufacturing company named after the designer and owner Ganyuan Jiang (江淦源).

GAN Brand is famous for constant innovation and the GAN356 edition speed cubes are considered the premium 3x3 speedcubes available on the market today. The GAN brand gained a huge following after our most famous speedcuber Feliks Zemdegs changed his "main" speedcube to the GAN357 model in 2015 and later became the brand's key ambassador.

Multiple world records have since been broken with GAN Cube 3x3 Speed cubes. 

View our latest collection of GAN Cubes here https://www.speedcube.com.au/collections/gancube 

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